This is role play action scenario only. We are both willing participants and of legal age.
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Welcome to Big Daddy & Little Girl's Website...

The Scenarios below are the scenes that we will perform. The Sub Scenarios are the alternate endings that we will do. We are only performing these scenes on our Live Cam in the Chaturbate site. When we are live, you will be able to vote for one of the six scenarios below and then vote for the sub-scenario that you would like us to perform. The Live Cam window below is our's. If it says we are offline, then you can click this link and follow us. If you don't have an account, then just sign up, it's FREE. Then you can click to follow us, and you will get an email notification when we are live.

  • Scenario #1

  • Big Daddy comes home to find Little Girl topless in front of her web cam rubbing her tits.

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - Little Girl gets startled and try’s to put her clothes back on. Big Daddy says, “No, leave them off.” And takes her over his knee. Spanks her a little too hard and feels bad. He rubs her butt and apologizes and tells her how much he loves her. Her rubs her to make her feel better and then rubs a little too much and then makes her really feel better all over.

    #2 - Little Girl gets startled and try’s to put her clothes back on. Big Daddy says. “No, leave them off.” And takes her over his knee. Spanks her a little too hard and she likes it. He says, "Oh, that didn't hurt? Well then this might." And puts her on his cock and fucks her hard.

    #3 - Little Girls says, “Big Daddy's finally home. Now I can show you how his cock looks in my mouth.” And tells Big Daddy that her girl friends want to see him naked too.

  • Scenario #2

  • Big Daddy is tickling Little Girl and tickles her in the wrong spot. She says, “Big Daddy that's my no-no spot.”

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - He apologizes and they play on. He does it again. But this time she likes it. He apologizes but she says, “No it’s ok, I kinda like it.” He says, “Well if you like that, then you will love this.”

    #2 - He says, "Oh you know you like it." And he tickles her more in her no-no area. Until she gets really horny and then he tickles her with his cock.

    #3 - She says, “How would you like it if I tickled you in your no-no spot?” And tickles him there. He says, “I like it, I like it a lot.” So she says, “Then you will love this.”

  • Scenario #3

  • Big Daddy comes home from a hard days work. Little Girl sees he is stressed. Offers him a neck massage.

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - She takes off his tie and gives him a great neck massage. Then offers him a full body massage. She sees something moving in his shorts and wonders if that needs massaging too.

    #2 - She offers him a full body massage. She says, "Oh Big Daddy you are so tense. Does that feel better?" She says, "Oh my, you are tense here too. Are you tense all over?” And reaches under his body to see.

    #3 - He says, "No thank you". Then mumbles under his breath, "But I could use a cock massage." She says, "I heard that." He says, "I am so sorry." She says, "No, it's Okay. I can do that for you."

  • Scenario #4

  • Big Daddy and Little Girl are watching scary movie together. She gets scared, he holds her tight so she will feel safe.

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - He rubs her to comfort her. He notices how soft her pajamas are. She says, “Yeah they feel great on my skin.” She grabs his hand and puts it on her PJ's but in her special place. And says, "See? Feel how soft it is?"

    #2 - She says, "Big Daddy, you aren't holding me tight enough." And jumps on his lap. Then she starts to rub her butt in circles and says, "Oh my Big Daddy, what is that?" He says, "That's my scary movie, want to see?"

    #3 - She jumps between his legs and he holds her tighter. Little Girls says, "Big Daddy, that naked girl is making me wet between my legs, is this normal?" And grabs his hand and pulls it between her legs.

  • Scenario #5

  • Little Girl wakes up to find Big Daddy masturbating to porn. She gets turned on in the back ground and starts to play with her self, while watching.

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - They startle each other. He says, "It's Okay. It's perfectly natural." And explains that it is just human nature. It's a natural thing and shows her how natural it can be.

    #2 - Little Girl gets completely naked behind Big Daddy, then gets on floor and slowly crawls up between his legs. He gets startled. She says, "Don’t worry Big Daddy, I am just want to help you."

    #3 - Little Girl continues to play with her self and has a silently has an orgasm behind Big Daddy, while he explodes to the porn he his watching.

  • Scenario #6

  • Little Girl comes home from school because her boyfriend tried to kiss her but she shied away because she has never been kissed.

    Sub Scenario's

    #1 - Big Daddy feels bad and teaches her how to kiss. And says, “There, now you can kiss your boyfriend.” Then she says, "But all the kids were teasing me because I am inexperienced." And he says, "Well we will just have to fix that too."

    #2 - She says, "Big Daddy, Please please teach me how to kiss." So he does. And then she says, "But I will still get teased because I am inexperienced. Please Big Daddy teach me how to fuck."

    #3 - He says, "There, there now. Let me teach you how to kiss." He ask if that was good, and she says, “Yes.” He ask if she needs to learn anything else. She says, “I would like to know how to please my boyfriend.” He whips out his dick and says, “Kiss this all over and that will please him.”

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